Cu Chi

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Củ Chi
Cu Chi
Mapper Antimatter Games
Location Bến Cát District,
South Vietnam
Date 9 December, 1965
Coordinates 11.1383° N 106.6124° E

The United States forces attempt to push out the North Vietnamese forces from their stronghold in a old French rubber plantation occupied by the NLF.


Củ Chi is an actual district in the northern suburban area of Saigon. After the collapse of French rule in 1945, the puppet emperor moved the capital from Hue to Saigon, which still had a large French presence and whose culture was still influenced by the French. Saigon remained the capital of South Vietnam since then.

Actually, this map most likely takes place in Bến Cát District, just to the north of Cu Chi, as PsychoPigeon (Elliot Burgess) has stated that it is based on the 101st Airborne's operations in that area.

Map Details



  • A. Cu Chi Town
  • B. Rice Farm
  • C. Cemetery
  • D. Bunker Complex
  • E. Rocket Site
  • F. Factory Wall
  • G. Rubber Factory
Faction Tickets Role
United States Army 655 Attacking
National Liberation Front 685 Defending
40 Minutes


  • One of the props on Cu Chi says “25 KM, Saigon”.


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