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A platoon of the US Army on patrol is ambushed by PAVN regulars while clearing a rice field of a potential cache, and makes a fighting retreat through the valley back up the hill to Firebase Georgina.


During the French colonial era, a moderately wealthy merchant arranged for a small country villa to be built next to the Chó Con river in Gia Lai province, across a meander neck of the river from a small fishing village halfway up a hillside. In the Vietnamese War of Independence, the house was mostly destroyed, leaving a clearing slowly being reclaimed by the jungle. The villagers up the hill, throughout it all, continued to farm rice in the fields below them in the Chó Con river valley until the 1960s. Pressured by the Viet Cong for tribute and afraid of the American presence on top of the hill, the villagers began to consider fleeing. Those who did not were rounded up and sent to a strategic hamlet once the Americans finished construction of a small fire support base on the hill, denoted on Army Intelligence maps as Hill 569 and known to the men living there as “Firebase Georgina”.

For the past few months, the platoon of men inhabiting Firebase Georgina have carried out patrols and surveyed the valley below them. For a while, the fact that Viet Cong fighters were beginning to use the old French house as a munitions cache went undetected. When American patrols ventured into the valley, the Viet Cong scattered to hide their supplies in a carefully-hidden tunnel under construction. Planning to connect a series of caches in the jungle surrounding the Firebase, the Vietnamese began to create a second cache at the far edge of the woods. However, noticing a commotion caused by the finishing of the tunnel there, the Americans called in napalm support from F4 Phantoms at nearby Camp Holloway outside of Pleiku and trained their own howitzers on the area, turning the southern half of the band of jungle into a smoldering deforested area.

The sudden barrage frightened the Viet Cong, causing them to abandon their ammo cache and tunnel system. In order to investigate the effects of their shelling, the US set off on a patrol, on which they found the ammo cache, now left unhidden by the Viet Cong. At the same time, the Viet Cong alerted a local PAVN unit, resting nearby and preparing, along with the Viet Cong, for the assault on Firebase Georgina. As the US make their way through the jungle, inspect the napalmed area, and begin to cross the rice fields to the south of the jungle, the PAVN regulars are preparing an ambush. Their cover blown, they have no choice but to begin the assault and destroy the Americans before reinforcements are alerted. As the Americans walk through the knee-height rice, a PAVN machine gun across the field opens fire.

Map Details



  • A. Contact
  • B. Burn Zone
  • C. Ammo Cache
  • D. Rice Fields
  • E. Thac Nuoc Village
  • F. Firebase Georgina
Faction Tickets Role
People's Army of Vietnam 750 Attacking
United States Marine Corps 600 Defending
36 Minutes


  • Firebase Georgina was one of the first community maps to be made official in the game.
  • The community map won third place in the mapping category in the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Round 1 Modding Contest.
  • There are no sniper or marksman roles available.
  • Many weapons are hidden all over the map, especially a M16A1 with a 30-round magazine.
  • Before the map was made official, the map had featured 46 minute background radio broadcast introduced by player Das Sikorsky and narrated by mapper Zachery Moe, featuring several musicians and songs as well as a PSA on drugs.


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