Helicopter Training

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Pilots can familiarise themselves with the flight and handling characteristics of each helicopter in a low pressure environment. Practice take offs, lands varying sizes of LZ, emergency maneuvers and make use of thefree-fire areas to test out weaponry.


LZ Mustang was a firebase located in An Lao Valley of the Bong Son Plains. Between 1967-1968, it was occupied by the 1st Brigade of the United States Army. The date takes place after the Battle of Bong Son, where An Lao Valley is located.

Map Details

The Helicopter Training map is an exact clone of An Lao Valley, except is stripped of objectives or any form of gamemode. The map is purposed for pilots to practice flying around the map as well as landing and other forms and variation of aircraft maneuvering and other techniques. Random Landing Zone smoke is present around various areas of the map to help pilots familiarize themselves when landing. There are no other roles that can be selected besides the Transport Pilot, Combat Pilot, and the RPG. It is quite unknown as to why the RPG role is available as there are no purposed goals for them at the moment.


  • This location is real.
  • Beta versions of the Helicopter Training map were different from the final release version. The current version of the map is a copy of An Lao Valley.


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