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Soldiers can get some time in on the firing range before they head into combat. They can familiarise themselves with all available combat classes and their kit to be as prepared as they can be when meeting the enemy face to face.


Patrol Base Diamond I was a US Army base constructed in 1969 near Tay Nigh, Southern Vietnam, and was occupied by the 2nd Battalion and the 27th Infantry. During the night of 24 February 1969, the base was attacked by the 271st and 272nd Regiments from the People's Army of Vietnam with a combined force estimated to be around 1000 men. By the morning of 25 Feburary 1969, the attack was successfully repelled along with the support of gunships and artillery, forcing the PAVN to retreat. During these events, two battles were actually fought at the base, one on the ground while one in the air. North Vietnamese anti-aircraft weapons attacked aircraft assets in order to help cover for the retreating forces. The PAVN suffered a loss of 118 men and 2 captured.

Currently today, the base has been replaced by farmland.

Map Details

The map provides a literal firing range with red colored targets that players can practice shooting at. The player has the option to choose either the North Vietnam or South Vietnam forces. In one part of the map, there is a small practice scenario that players can reenact when dealing with trenches, mortar pits, and buildings occupied by the red targets. An ammo cache is also supplied to the player in case they need to resupply. There is a tower with a radio in it which allows the player to practice with commander abilities, as well as a place for shooting long range targets east, outside of the base. A DShK emplacement and table of weapons from other factions are also featured for the player to use.


  • The United States and People's Army of Vietnam are the only available factions, limiting the variety of weapons usable when spawned, although there is table of weapons unused by either faction for the player to use..
  • In early versions of the map, the player was able to leave, outside of the base.
  • The date of the map takes place before the attack on Patrol Base Diamond I
  • The location is real.


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