United States Marine Corps (USMC)

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United States Marine Corps
Nationality [ United States]
Founded 10 November 1775

“Semper Fidelis”

The United States military is the most well-funded and well-equipped armed force in the world. Motivated by fears of spreading Communist influence, the United States provides weaponry and manpower to assist the South Vietnamese government's fight against North Vietnam. In battle, the United States military uses brute force, heavy firepower, and devastating aerial support to destroy and overwhelm their enemies.


Founded in 1775, in the midst of the American Revolution, the United States Marine Corps was originally raised as a force of dedicated ground fighters for the US Navy. In the Revolution, they helped lay the groundwork for the creation of the world's first modern liberal republic. Throughout the 19th century, the Marines fought to protect the fledgling US government, defeating the Barbary pirates, fighting off a British invasion, but at the same time it incited the American Indian Wars and the Mexican-American War, after each of which the United States gained large swathes of territory.

The American Civil War in the 1860s nearly split the young country in two over the issue of slavery, but it the Marine Corps fought to hold it together. Though the Marine Corps' role as a naval force seemed to grow less important throughout the century, but they acquired a new role as shock troops. The next major test for the Marine Corps was the trench warfare of the First World War, where it distinguished itself in 1917 and 1918 for tenacity and bravery despite its inexperience in the grinding war of the Western Front. The First World War also marked the first time the United States fought in Europe.

In 1941, the Marines remobilized after being attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, and, after early losses and gloom in the Pacific, the tide of the war began to turn. Always the first men to hit the beaches of Japanese-held islands, the Marines fought tenaciously to clear fanatically-held enemy islands, and were preparing to invade Japan when the atomic bomb was dropped and Japan surrendered. After the Second World War, the Marines fought in Korea to prevent a North Korean takeover of the South, where they participated in the landing at Incheon. In the 1960s, the Marine Corps was deployed to Vietnam to train the ARVN and protect South Vietnam from a potential North Vietnamese invasion.


The United States Marine Corps share similar characteristics with the United States Army as well as cosmetics. Unlike the army, the US Marines' uniforms are based off of the two optional designs, the Lowland ERDL and Highland ERDL uniform. Similar to the cosmetics in-game, the ERDL allows the wearer preference of their uniform as intended; options available and intended include tucking or untucking the pants the boots, as well as rolling the sleeves on the tunic. Another noticeable cosmetic are the M1 Helmets the US Marines wears, serving as the default Headgear as well as its other customized varieties; the M1 Helmet features its own camouflage which was issued in the late years of the war. For a majority of the soldiers, they carry a lightweight rucksack with a canteen bottle along with them.

Similar to the US Army as well, are a variety of heads, featuring three white heads and and two black heads; unlike most other factions, the United States shares diversity over their troops. The type of hairstyles from the headgear also depend on what head the player chooses. Unlike the black heads, the white heads features four hair colors: black, brunette, blonde, and red. There are also a few voices featured in-game, diversified between white Americans as well as the African Americans.


Weapons and Equipment


  • The names of the developers are featured on the USMC's khaki shirt names tags.
  • A few cosmetics are based off the designs of other characters in Hollywood films such as Full Metal Jack and Apocalypse Now.
  • The US Army's Head 6 features the head of Alan Wilson, Vice President of Tripwire Interactive.


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